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The Quintessential Expression of Coffee Is Espresso.

– Ernesto Illy

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Recycling Coffee Grounds

Find yourself having a lot of extra coffee grounds that you are just throwing out? Recycle them! You may have never known some of the surprising things that you can do with coffee grounds. Do not throw your coffee grounds out, whatever you do. They can be very...
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Butter in Coffee: The Many Benefits of This New Weight Loss Trend

There’s a new trend emerging that will change the way you drink coffee. Hollywood elite stars are raving about the great benefits of this coffee. Butter in Coffee is now replacing your normal routine of adding creamer and sugar to your average cup of joe, and...
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History Of Coffee

Ever look at your freshly roasted cup of coffee and wonder how it ended up in your cup? The history of the coffee bean takes us back a long, long time ago. One little bean from a tree somewhere, turns into a black cup of coffee that we all turn to in the mornings! The...
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You Need This: Coffee Gear

Image Source: http://gearpatrol.com Coffee Gear? You might not even think about it, but coffee gear is just as important as your coffee equipment and the coffee itself! There are plenty of products on the market for coffee gear specifically. They’re sometimes...
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The Best Coffee Cake Recipes

Image Source: http://www.bettycrocker.com Coffee cakes came about in America in the year of 1879, after being popular everywhere else all around the world for years upon years. The recipe has clearly changed since it came about, so different people and countries have...
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The Barista Life

Barista is an up and coming profession. Many people think it is just a job for someone who did not go to college or they are still in high school, but it is much more then that. Your baristas are people that you should respect. They are the ones who get you up and...
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How To

Have many questions regarding your espresso machine? We have all your questions answered in our “How To” page. Read our step by step guide on how to assemble your espresso machine and how to clean your machine. Even discover the many different drinks you can make.




There are many benefits to an espresso machine not only is it convent for you to make it at home rather then spending your money and time going to a coffee shop. You will be astonished when you notice how much money you will be saving. But did you also know that espresso can also be good not only for your wallet but for your health?