Product Review of Gaggia Accademia

Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso big 5Espresso on interest has never been simpler. With the Gaggia Accademia, seven committed beverage catches for coffee, caffe, caffe lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and boiling point water imply that extraordinary tasting refreshments are simply minutes away. The machine can likewise retain your inclination for really redid drinks. This one-stop espresso focus emphasizes an incorporated earthenware burr processor to convey crisply ground espresso assuredly. The Accademia likewise comes outfitted with a detour doser, so you’ll have the capacity to easily brew preground or mix decaf, preground, or claim to fame espresso. The processor and detour doser combo will provide for you the adaptability expected to oblige different clients and a mixture of beverage inclination.

The astutely outlined Accademia is a latte and cappuccino consumer’s fantasy, as it peculiarities a remarkable Milk Management System with a separable carafe. Since the milk circuit is separable, drain never really goes into the Accademia amid the steaming/foaming methodology. You’ll never need to stress over old milk sullying your machine. As an issue of comfort, the milk carafe can be detached and put away in the cooler until you’re prepared to blend.For the individuals who affection to amuse, the Gaggia Accademia’s natural interface offers a huge point of interest; it is so easy to utilize your visitors can make their own refreshments. It emphasizes a modern stainless steel front board punctuated by a splendid showcase and natural push-catch controls.

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Features and Specifications

The Gaggia Accademia provides seven completely programmable beverage alternatives to convey tailor-made coffee, cafe, caffe lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and even more. Refreshment temperature, quality, and volume can be preset to your particulars. The same tries for milk determinations, which permit you to browse negligible, ordinary, or no foam choices.

Preparing Benefits

The Accademia has a 15-bar pump and two influential stainless steel boilers, which will let you to substitute in the middle of preparing and foaming without any down time. Moreover, Gaggia’s interesting pre-brewing cycle implants coffee beans with boiling point water to help remove the flavor and fragrance of your beverage. The brew gathering is separable for fast, simple cleaning and support. The Accademia has a tallness movable telescopic espresso container, with a max stature of 6.5″ to permit you to oblige an assortment of mugs and glasses.

Processor and Bypass Doser

This unit has a substantial obligation clay burr processor, alongside a twofold cover, smell sparing bean container. Seven toil settings permit you to practice a decent lot of control over the granulating procedure. The Accademia likewise has a detour doser to pander to preground/decaf consumers. Both the processor and detour dosers are available through the highest point of the machine.

Steaming and Frothing

This Gaggia super programmed has a robotized one-touch Milk Management System that can convey steamed or foamed drain specifically into your container, contingent upon the picked beverage. An outside milk circuit guarantees that drain does not enter the machine and the separable carafe can be put away in the cooler for your accommodation. A programmed cleaning cycle flushes the milk circuit after each one utilization, to guarantee that it is free of stops up and contaminants. Should you wish to steam/foam physically, you’ll have the capacity to do along these lines, as the Accademia has a steam wand/water distributor.

Water Management

The Accademia has a liberal 1.7-liter water store; this unit accompanies a four-stage Mavea Water Filter to counteract scale and mineral develop. Clients can control water hardness to guarantee incredible tasting espresso.


The beautiful stainless-steel front board of the machine opens to uncover the removable blend gathering and residue drawer. Both can be effectively disengaged for routine cleaning and support. The Gaggia Accademia has an alarm framework that will advise you if the residue drawer or trickle tray need to be purged, or if the bean container needs to be refilled. The presentation screen will likewise caution you, if the machine needs to be descaled.

Pros and Cons


  • The Gaggia Accademia is the perfect friendly for the occupied espresso mate.
  • The Gaggia Accademia is a cutting edge, appealing machine that would look incredible in any kitchen.


  • Not comfortable.

Customer review

The customers have given 3.9 out of 5 stars.

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Due to its high quality features it is recommended to prefer it over other products.